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  • Rate: 7.4/10 total 99,980 votes 
  • Genre: Animation | Adventure | Family | Musical
  • Release Date: 16 October 1998 (UK)
  • Runtime: 88 min | Philippines:85 min
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  • IMDb page: Watch Mulan (1998) Film Free Online HD
  • Rate: 7.4/10 total 99,980 votes 
  • Genre: Animation | Adventure | Family | Musical
  • Release Date: 16 October 1998 (UK)
  • Runtime: 88 min | Philippines:85 min
  • Budget: $70,000,000 (estimated)
  • Gross: £9,454,609 (UK) (13 August 1999)
  • Director: Don Bluth
  • Stars: Ming-Na Wen, Eddie Murphy, BD Wong | See full cast and crew »
  • Original Music By: Jerry Goldsmith   
  • Soundtrack: Honor to Us All
  • Sound Mix: DTS | Dolby Digital | SDDS
  • Plot Keyword: China | Dragon | The Huns | Luck | Training

Mulan (1998) Writing Credits By:

  • Robert D. Mulan 1998 San Souci (story)
  • Rita Hsiao (screenplay) &
  • Chris Sanders (screenplay) (as Christopher Sanders) &
  • Philip LaZebnik (screenplay) &
  • Raymond Singer (screenplay) &
  • Eugenia Bostwick-Singer (screenplay)
  • Dean DeBlois  co-head writer &
  • John Sanford  story &
  • Tim Hodge  story &
  • Burny Mattinson  story &
  • Barry Johnson  story &
  • Ed Gombert  story &
  • Chris Williams  story &
  • Julius Aguimatang  story (as Julius L. Mulan 1998 Aguimatang) &
  • Lorna Cook  story &
  • Thom Enriquez  story &
  • Joe Grant  story &
  • Floyd Norman  story
  • Linda Woolverton (additional story material) &
  • Jodi Ann Johnson (additional story material) &
  • Alan Ormsby (additional story material) &
  • David Reynolds (additional story material) &
  • Don Dougherty (additional story material) &
  • Jorgen Klubien (additional story material) &
  • Denis Rich (additional story material) &
  • Joe Ekers (additional story material) (as Joseph Ekers) &
  • Theodore Newton (additional story material) &
  • Larry Scholl (additional story material) &
  • Daan Jippes (additional story material) &
  • Frank Nissen (additional story material) &
  • Jeff Snow (additional story material)
  • Anonymous  poem (uncredited)

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Mulan (1998) Known Trivia

  • Bruce Willis was originally casted as Li Shang. Mulan 1998 5 of 5 found this interesting Interesting? YesNo |
  • When Mulan sings “Reflection” in her father’s shrine, her reflection appears in the polished surface of the temple stones. Mulan 1998 The writing on the temple stones is the names of the Disney animators who worked on the film written in ancient Chinese. Mulan 1998 4 of 4 found this interesting Interesting? YesNo |
  • ‘Mulan’ was Disney’s first ever DVD, released in November 1999. Mulan 1998 4 of 4 found this interesting Interesting? YesNo |
  • The scene where Mulan disarms Shan-Yu with a fan shows an actual martial art technique. Mulan 1998 3 of 3 found this interesting Interesting? YesNo |
  • According to Robert D. Mulan 1998 San Souci, who retold and researched the original story, Disney didn’t like the idea of putting in a dragon as a companion for Mulan; they feared it would be too big and menacing. Mulan 1998 San Souci explained to them that in Chinese lore, dragons can be any size, so a small dragon was approved. Mulan 1998 Thus, Mushu was born. Mulan 1998 This change is acknowledged when Mulan calls him “tiny” and Mushu replies, “Of course! I’m travel size for you convenience! If I was my REAL size your cow (Khan) here would die of fright!” 3 of 3 found this interesting Interesting? YesNo |
  • The Film’s artistic supervisors spent three weeks in China sketching, photographing, and soaking up the culture. Mulan 1998 Computer animators used the latest technology to add detail and mimic camera techniques that were previously unavailable in animation, like crowd scenes of up to 30,000 people. Mulan 1998 They used a computer program called “Atilla” to make the sequence featuring 2,000 Huns on horseback. Mulan 1998 3 of 3 found this interesting Interesting? YesNo |
  • Likenesses of the directors Tony Bancroft and Barry Cook appear as the firework attendants frightened by Mushu in the climax. Mulan 1998 2 of 2 found this interesting Interesting? YesNo |
  • In the scene where Mushu awakens the ancestors, one set of grandparents worry that Mulan’s quest will ensure her family loses their farm. Mulan 1998 This couple appear to be the couple on the farm in Grant Wood’s famous painting ‘American Gothic’. Mulan 1998 An uncredited Barry Cook, one of the film’s directors, provides the man’s voice. Mulan 1998 2 of 2 found this interesting Interesting? YesNo |
  • HIDDEN MICKEY: The spots on Shang’s horse’s neck and rump are shaped like Mickey Mouse. Mulan 1998 There are also other hidden Mickeys in the film. Mulan 1998 2 of 2 found this interesting Interesting? YesNo |
  • Jackie Chan (Shang’s martial arts model) voices Shang in the Chinese release. Mulan 1998 2 of 2 found this interesting Interesting? YesNo |

Tag Mulan (1998): Mulan (1998) – IMDb Directed by Tony Bancroft, Barry Cook, With Ming-Na Wen, Eddie Murphy, BD Wong, Miguel Ferrer, To save her father from death in the army, a young maiden secretly goes , Watch Mulan (1998) Online For Free Full Film English Stream , Watch Mulan (1998) Online For Free Full Film English Stream, on Tuesday, March 26, 2013 | 84 Comments Mulan (Disney character) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Lieutenant Fa Mulan (Chinese Traditional: 花木蘭, Simplified: 花木兰, Jyutping: Faa 1 Muk 6 Laan 4, Pinyin: Huā Mùlán) is a fictional character who is the , Mulan (1998) – IMDb Directed by Tony Bancroft, Barry Cook, With Miguel Ferrer, Harvey Fierstein, Donny Osmond, To save her father from death in the army, a young maiden secretly goes in , Mulan (1998) – Rotten Tomatoes Exploring themes of family duty and honor, Mulan breaks new ground as a Disney film, while still bringing vibrant animation and sprightly characters to the screen, Watch Mulan (1998) Online | Watch Films Online Free Watch Mulan (1998) Full Film on putlocker, sockshare, novamov links, Full Films free, Mulan (1998) Dvdrip Mulan – Disney Wiki Mulan is a 1998 animated feature film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation, and released by Walt Disney Pictures on June 19, 1998, The thirty-sixth animated , Mulan (1998) – Mulan is a 1998 American animated musical action-comedy-drama film directed by Tony Bancroft and Barry Cook, with story by Robert D, San Souci and screenplay by Rita , Mulan (1998) ver online – descarga directa Mulan, una joven china hija única de la familia Fa, en lugar de buscar novio, como sus amigas, trata por todos los medios de alistarse en el ejército imperial para , Mulan (1998) – Box Office Mojo Mulan summary of box office results, charts and release information and related links. Mulan 1998

Goofs: Continuity: Before Mulan punches Yao, she is holding her father's conscription notice in her hand. Mulan 1998 When she punches Yao, the conscription is in the sash around her waist.

Mulan (1998) Plot: To save her father from death in the army, a young maiden secretly goes in his place and becomes one of China's greatest heroines in the process. Mulan 1998 Full summary »  »

Mulan (1998) Story: This retelling of the old Chinese folktale is about the story of a young Chinese maiden who learns that her weakened and lame father is to be called up into the army in order to fight the invading Huns. Mulan 1998 Knowing that he would never survive the rigours of war in his state, she decides to disguise herself and join in his place. Mulan 1998 Unknown to her, her ancestors are aware of this and to prevent it, they order a tiny disgraced dragon, Mushu to join her in order to force her to abandon her plan. Mulan 1998 He agrees, but when he meets Mulan, he learns that she cannot be dissuaded and so decides to help her in the perilous times ahead. Mulan 1998 Written byKenneth Chisholm <>


Mulan (1998) Synopsis: It is night on the Great Wall of China. Mulan 1998 A lone soldier is on patrol when his helmet is knocked off by a menacing-looking falcon. Mulan 1998 The falcon cries out and a series of grappling hooks appear over the edge of the wall. Mulan 1998 The terrified soldier runs to the nearest tower to light a fire signal, narrowly escaping two Hun warriors. Mulan 1998 At the top of the tower he is faced by their leader, Shan Yu Miguel Ferrer, who expresses delight when the soldier lights the signal, saying, "Now all of China knows youre here."

Shan Yu’s triumph over the Great Wall is brought to the attention of the Emperor of China Pat Morita who tells General Li James Shigeta to mobilize an army to protect the people of China.

Meanwhile, young farm girl Fa Mulan Ming-Na Wen, is seen in her room writing cheat notes on her arm in preparation for her visit to the matchmaker Miriam Margolyes that morning, where she may be assigned a suitable husband. Mulan 1998 Already late, she rushes through her morning chores (with help from her dog Little Brother Chris Sanders) before greeting her father, Fa Zhou Soon-Tek Oh, at the family temple with his morning medicine. Mulan 1998 He tells her that the family is counting on her to uphold family tradition and prays for her success as she leaves. Mulan 1998 Mulan hurries into town where her mother Freda Foh Shen and grandmother June Foray have been waiting for her. Mulan 1998 Mulan is quickly bathed and dressed with makeup applied to her face while her mother and grandmother encourage her and give her gifts to inspire luck, including a flower hair comb and a caged cricket. Mulan 1998 However, when Mulan faces the matchmaker, who has nothing but disapproving comments, everything seems to go wrong. Mulan 1998 The matchmaker, suspicious of Mulan’s near perfect recital of wifely duties, grabs hold of Mulan’s arm, leading her into the other room to pour tea, and rubs her face, subsequently smearing the wet ink from Mulan’s arm all over it.

Cri-Kee, the lucky cricket, escapes his cage and causes a chain reaction causing Mulan’s expulsion from the studio. Mulan 1998 The enraged matchmaker yells that Mulan may look like a bride but she will never bring her family honor.Dejected, Mulan returns home and contemplates who she really is and resigns to the fact that she may never be the daughter her family always wanted. Mulan 1998 However, her father gives encouraging words, stating that a cherry blossom yet to bloom may become the rarest and most beautiful of all. Mulan 1998 At that moment, drums sound the approach of the Emperors counsel, Chi Fu James Hong who hands out conscription notices to each family demanding the most able male member to report to camp the following morning to train for war against the Huns. Mulan 1998 Mulan’s father, already a veteran, walks forward to accept his notice and scorns Mulan when she tries to stop him. Mulan 1998 That night he practices in his study with his sword but a past injury to his leg proves that he may not be fit enough to enter battle again. Mulan 1998 Mulan fears for his life and angrily confronts him of this fact at the dinner table. Mulan 1998 Fa Zhou retorts that he knows his place and that Mulan should learn hers.

Crushed, Mulan runs out into the rain and, after a moment, comes up with a plan to take her father’s place in the army. Mulan 1998 She steals her father’s armor and conscription and leaves behind her flower hair comb before riding out into the night. Mulan 1998 Upon discovering that Mulan has left, grandmother Fa says a prayer to the ancestors to watch over her. Mulan 1998 Awakened by the prayer, the Fa family ancestors delegate between each other about what should be done with Mulan. Mulan 1998 Mushu Eddie Murphy, an ex-guardian who’s been demoted in rank to gong-ringer, is commanded by the first ancestor George Takei to awaken the great stone dragon so that he can fetch Mulan and bring her home. Mulan 1998 But Mushu’s history of destructive tendencies reduces the stone dragon to rubble. Mulan 1998 Mushu is then met by Cri-Kee whos advice for Mushu to retrieve Mulan himself is misinterpreted as helping Mulan become a war hero, ensuring Mushu’s reacceptance into the temple and his reinstatement as a guardian.

Meanwhile, Shan Yu’s army is riding fast across the China landscape towards the Imperial City. Mulan 1998 They come across two imperial scouts and release them to deliver a warning to the Emperor. Mulan 1998 But Shan Yu’s generosity is short-lived and hints to his archer to get rid of one of the scouts.

Mulan has by now reached the outskirts of the army recruitment camp and is deliberating with her horse, Khan, how to act once she arrives. Mulan 1998 She is interrupted by the appearance of Mushu and Cri-Kee. Mulan 1998 Mushu tells Mulan he was sent by her ancestors to help her enroll in the army. Mulan 1998 Following his advice she enters the camp only to stir up some trouble with three fellow soldiers, Yao Harvey Fierstein, Chien-Po Jerry Tondo, and Ling Gedde Watanabe, causing a general ruckus among the recruits. Mulan 1998 Mulan is confronted by Captain Li Shang BD Wong, and Chi Fu and introduces herself as Fa Zhou’s long-lost son, Ping. Mulan 1998 Shang, who was left in charge by his father General Li, proves to be a tough but inspiring teacher and puts the recruits through rigorous training, through most of which Mulan falters. Mulan 1998 She finally gains confidence and the respect of her fellow soldiers when she is able to scale a tall wooden pole to reach an arrow embedded at the top using two weighted discs slung together. Mulan 1998 Soon, with training, even she surpasses most of her fellow male soldiers in skill.

Shan Yu, ever closer to his goal, discovers a pass in the mountains which is the most direct route to the Imperial City. Mulan 1998 His falcon delivers to him a doll from a local village that contains bits of horse hair and the smell of sulfur. Mulan 1998 He and his soldiers determine that the imperial army is guarding the village within the pass. Mulan 1998 However, he is undeterred and continues on, stating that they should return the doll to its owner.

Back at camp, Mulan decides to throw caution to the wind and bathes in a small creek. Mulan 1998 Yao, Chien-Po, and Ling appear soon after and, though they are apologetic for giving her a hard time, nearly discover Mulan’s secret until Mushu scares them off (Ling mistakes him for a snake). Mulan 1998 Despite the fact that the soldiers have completed training, Chi Fu is skeptical of their skills and berates Shang’s ability as captain. Mulan 1998 Mulan sympathizes with Shang and tells him that she thinks hes a great captain, to which Mushu accuses her of having feelings towards him. Mulan 1998 Having worked too hard to get Mulan where she is, Mushu tricks Chi Fu with a fake letter from General Li requesting the troops at the front line. Mulan 1998 The troops leave the following morning, daydreaming along the way about girls worth fighting for.

They soon arrive at a village in the mountains but find it completely destroyed with nothing but burned remains of houses. Mulan 1998 As they search for survivors, Chi Fu comes across whats left of the imperial army, killed by Shan Yu’s forces. Mulan 1998 Chien-Po presents Shang with his father’s helmet. Mulan 1998 Heartbroken, Shang takes his sword and sticks it into the snow, leaving his father’s helmet resting on the hilt. Mulan 1998 Despite his father’s death, Shang is motivated by his duty as a soldier and announces that they must travel through the mountains to the Imperial City to protect the Emperor. Mulan 1998 Mulan, who had found the very doll Shan Yu used to discover the location of the imperial army, rests the doll against Shang’s sword. Mulan 1998 As they travel through the pass, Mushu accidentally sets off a cannon from the cart hes hiding in, giving away the armys position. Mulan 1998 Hidden Hun archers release an arrow storm with flaming arrows upon the soldiers, setting fire to the cannon cart. Mulan 1998 The soldiers manage to save most of the cannons before the cart explodes and seek shelter on a rocky outcropping. Mulan 1998 They quickly take care of the archers using the cannons but, as the smoke clears, they see Shan Yu himself on horseback atop the far ridge. Mulan 1998 The rest of his forces appear behind him, an intimidating solid black line on the top of the hill, and, with Shan Yu’s war cry, begin charging towards Shang’s army. Mulan 1998 Shang instructs Yao to aim the last cannon at Shan Yu who is charging ahead, but Mulan grabs the cannon out of Yao’s hand and runs towards the charging Huns, followed by Shang who commands her to come back. Mulan 1998 She drives it into the snow and aims it at a snowy peak. Mulan 1998 Then, as Shan Yu charges up to her, she uses Mushu to ignite the cannon. Mulan 1998 Mushu, shocked that Mulan missed a target three feet in front of her, rides the cannon towards the peak where the cannon explodes, causing an avalanche that crushes Shan Yu’s army and rushes down the hillside.

Enraged, Shan Yu lashes out at Mulan with his sword who quickly runs away as the avalanche draws closer. Mulan 1998 Shan Yu and his entire army are engulfed in the wave of snow. Mulan 1998 Shang, stunned in awe, is grabbed by Mulan and the two of them are rescued by Khan, though Shang is knocked unconscious. Mulan 1998 Mushu catches up to them, having ridden along the avalanche on a Hun shield. Mulan 1998 The rest of Shang’s army hides behind a large rock at the edge of a cliff as the avalanche flows past. Mulan 1998 Yao shoots an arrow attached to a rope towards them but fails to tie it off first. Mulan 1998 However, the arrow reaches Mulan and she ties the end of it to Khan’s saddle. Mulan 1998 She shoots it towards the edge of the cliff as they fall over the rim. Mulan 1998 Yao catches the arrow and, aided by the others, manages to pull Mulan and Shang to safety. Mulan 1998 Shang thanks Mulan for saving them, but her injuries from Shan Yu’s sword catch up to her and she collapses. Mulan 1998 At the medical tent, the doctor finds out and relays the secret to Shang that Mulan is, in fact, a woman. Mulan 1998 Chi Fu reminds Shang that the punishment for impersonation of a soldier is death but Shang lays his sword down, saying that his debt is repaid; since Mulan saved his life, hes returned the favor by sparing hers.The army moves on towards the Imperial City, leaving Mulan behind. Mulan 1998 She laments over her decision to enter the army and labels herself a nobody. Mulan 1998 Mushu tries to comfort her by admitting that he was never sent by her ancestors and only tried to help Mulan for his own selfish needs; that at least Mulan lied to help her father. Mulan 1998 Cri-Kee breaks down and admits to Mushu that he lied about being lucky. Mulan 1998 Mushu, exasperated, accuses Khan of being a sheep.

Mulan contemplates going home before she hears an angry cry. Mulan 1998 Shan Yu has survived the avalanche, along with five of his soldiers. Mulan 1998 Horrified, Mulan decides to ride to the Imperial City to warn Shang and the others.Within the city, Shang and his army are welcomed as heroes and march in a parade towards the palace. Mulan 1998 Mulan catches up to Shang and tries to warn him of Shan Yu’s presence in the city, but he doesnt believe her. Mulan 1998 Mulan warns the others to keep their eyes open and rides off to find someone who will listen to her. Mulan 1998 As the Emperor congratulates Shang on his defeat of the Hun army, Shan Yu appears on one of the palace towers and signals to his men who had been hiding in a large parade dragon. Mulan 1998 They knock Shang down and kidnap the Emperor, locking themselves within the palace. Mulan 1998 Mulan devises a plan to infiltrate the palace along with Shang, Chien-Po, Yao, and Ling, the latter three disguised as concubines. Mulan 1998 The Emperor is brought onto a balcony before Shan Yu who demands him to bow at his feet while a few of his men guard the lower door. Mulan 1998 Mulan, Chien-Po, Ling, and Yao seduce these men, who drop their guard, before attacking them, allowing Shang to run up to the balcony and engage Shan Yu in battle. Mulan 1998 As Shang and Shan Yu fight, Chien-Po grabs the Emperor and escapes by sliding down a rope adorned with lanterns. Mulan 1998 Yao and Ling follow but Shang is knocked out, so Mulan cuts the line so Shan Yu cant follow. Mulan 1998 Enraged, Shan Yu blames Shang for taking away his victory. Mulan 1998 Mulan shouts to Shan Yu that it was she who took his victory and pulls her hair back, revealing her identity as the soldier from the mountains. Mulan 1998 Shan Yu recognizes her and gives chase. Mulan 1998 Mulan manages to make it to the roof of the palace while Mushu seizes a tower full of fireworks. Mulan 1998 Shan Yu follows Mulan to the roof and corners her. Mulan 1998 As he strikes at her with his sword, she uses a fan to disarm him and shouts a command to Mushu at the far end of the roof who reveals to be carrying a large rocket on his back. Mulan 1998 Cri-Kee lights the rocket and Mulan uses Shan Yu’s sword to pin him to the roof. Mulan 1998 As the rocket hits Shan Yu, Mulan grabs Mushu and jumps off the roof as Shan Yu is hurtled into a fireworks tower which explodes in a colorful display. Mulan 1998 Mulan grabs hold of a lantern and slides towards the palace steps. Mulan 1998 She lets go and falls right onto Shang as hes leaving the palace. Mulan 1998 Mushu lands laughing and catches Cri-Kee, commenting that he is one lucky bug.

An incensed Chi Fu emerges smoldering from the palace, demanding that Mulan face the consequences of her actions. Mulan 1998 Shang stands up for her and argues with Chi Fu until the Emperor emerges and faces a humbled Mulan. Mulan 1998 He relays how he knows she ran away from home and impersonated a soldier and that, despite her seemingly treasonous actions, she has saved all of China from the Hun threat. Mulan 1998 To the shock of Mulan, the Emperor bows to her, along with hundreds of people within the crowd. Mulan 1998 A teary-eyed Mushu asks Cri-Kee for a tissue. Mulan 1998 The Emperor offers Mulan Chi Fu’s job within his counsel but Mulan respectfully wishes nothing more than to go home. Mulan 1998 So the Emperor gives her his Imperial crest and the sword of Shan Yu. Mulan 1998 Mulan hugs the Emperor, inciting Yao to ask if she’s allowed to do that. Mulan 1998 She greets Shang before leaving who awkwardly says that she fights good. Mulan 1998 The Emperor cites a proverb to Shang who doesnt understand upon which the Emperor says in Laymans terms, "You dont meet a girl like that every dynasty." Back home, Mulan presents her father with the gifts from the Emperor in hopes that they will bring honor to their family. Mulan 1998 Fa Zhou drops the gifts and hugs his daughter, saying that the only honor is having Mulan for a daughter. Mulan 1998 Mulan’s grandmother, however, is unimpressed until Shang appears asking to see Mulan. Mulan 1998 Grandmother Fa asks to sign up for the next war. Mulan 1998 An awkward Shang approaches Mulan and her father, presenting Fa Zhou’s helmet that Mulan left behind. Mulan 1998 Mulan invites Shang to stay for dinner, which he accepts.

Meanwhile, Mushu has returned to the family temple and the disgruntled head ancestor agrees to reinstate him as a guardian. Mulan 1998 Mushu and the other ancestors celebrate and Mulan thanks Mushu for everything he’s done for her just as Mulan’s dog chases a flock of chickens into the temple.


FullCast & Crew

Produced By: Watch Mulan (1998) Film Free Online HD

  • Pam Coats known as producer
  • Robert S. Mulan 1998 Garber known as associate producer
  • Kendra Haaland known as associate producer

Watch Mulan (1998) Free Film HD FullCast & Crew:

  • Miguel Ferrer known as Shan-Yu (voice)
  • Harvey Fierstein known as Yao (voice)
  • Donny Osmond known as Shang (singing voice)
  • Freda Foh Shen known as Fa Li (voice)
  • June Foray known as Grandmother Fa (voice)
  • Lea Salonga known as Mulan (singing voice)
  • James Hong known as Chi Fu (voice)
  • BD Wong known as Shang (voice)
  • Miriam Margolyes known as The Matchmaker (voice)
  • Pat Morita known as The Emperor (voice)
  • Eddie Murphy known as Mushu (voice)
  • Marni Nixon known as Grandmother Fa (singing voice)
  • Soon-Tek Oh known as Fa Zhou (voice)
  • James Shigeta known as General Li (voice)
  • George Takei known as First Ancestor (voice)
  • Jerry Tondo known as Chien-Po (voice) (as Jerry S. Mulan 1998 Tondo)
  • Gedde Watanabe known as Ling (voice)
  • Frank Welker known as Khan / Cri-Kee (voice)
  • Ming-Na Wen known as Mulan (voice)
  • Matthew Wilder known as Ling (singing voice)
  • Tom Amundsen known as (voice)
  • Arminae Austen known as (voice)
  • Mary Kay Bergman known as (voice)
  • Susan Boyd known as (voice)
  • Julianne Buescher known as (singing voice)
  • Steve Bulen known as (voice)
  • Corey Burton known as (voice)
  • Mitch Carter known as (voice)
  • Robert Clotworthy known as (voice)
  • David Cowgill known as (voice)
  • Sally Dworsky known as (voice)
  • Beth Fowler known as (voice)
  • Donald Fullilove known as (voice) (as Don Fullilove)
  • Elisa Gabrielli known as (voice)
  • Jack Gilpin known as (voice)
  • Sandie Hall known as (voice)
  • Richard Steven Horvitz known as (voice) (as Richard S. Mulan 1998 Horvitz)
  • Linda Kerns known as (voice)
  • Matthew Labyorteaux known as (voice)
  • Conan Lee known as (voice)
  • Dana Lee
  • Edie Lehmann known as (voice) (as Edie Lehmann-Boddicker)
  • Luisa Leschin known as (voice)
  • Christina Ma known as (voice)
  • Susan McBride known as (voice)
  • Haunani Minn known as (voice)
  • Edie Mirman known as (voice)
  • Mark Moseley known as (voice)
  • Patrick Pinney known as (voice)
  • Peter Renaday known as (voice)
  • Maurita L. Mulan 1998 Thornburgh known as (voice) (as Maurita Thornburg-Phillips)
  • John Walcutt known as (voice)
  • Claudette Wells known as (voice)
  • George Dvorsky known as (voice) (uncredited)
  • Merwin Foard known as (singing voice) (uncredited)
  • Chris Sanders known as Little Brother (voice) (uncredited)



Supporting Department

Mulan (1998) Art Department:
  • Joyce Alexander known as painter
  • Leyla C. Mulan 1998 Amaro Nodas known as paint mark-up (as Leyla Amaro-Pelaez)
  • Bill Andres known as painter
  • Kirk E. Mulan 1998 Axtell II known as painter (as Kirk Axtell II)
  • Phyllis Bird known as painter
  • Russell Blandino known as assistant paint supervisor
  • Joey Calderon known as painter
  • Ofra Afouta Calderon known as painter (as Ofra Afuta Calderon)
  • Janice M. Mulan 1998 Caston known as painter
  • Richie Chavez known as visual development (as Richard P. Mulan 1998 Chavez)
  • Sybil Cuzzort known as painter
  • Florida D'Ambrosio known as painter
  • Peter DeSève known as visual development (as Peter de Sève)
  • Robert Dettloff known as painter (as Robert Edward Dettloff)
  • Nika Dunne known as painter
  • Jeff Dutton known as artistic coordinator
  • Paul A. Mulan 1998 Felix known as visual development (as Paul Felix)
  • Phyllis Fields known as assistant paint supervisor (as Phyllis Estelle Fields)
  • Christina Frazier known as painter
  • Paulino García known as painter (as Paulino Garcia Inigo)
  • Dawn Gates known as painter
  • Jean Gillmore known as visual development
  • Patricia L. Mulan 1998 Gold known as painter
  • Debbie Green known as painter
  • Barbara Lynn Hamane known as color stylist
  • Pam Henn known as color stylist (as Pamela L.V. Mulan 1998 Henn)
  • Andrew Hickson known as layout artist: journeyman
  • Stevie Hirsch known as painter
  • Caroline Hu known as visual development (as Caroline K. Mulan 1998 Hu)
  • David Karp known as painter
  • Angelika Katz known as painter (as Angelika R. Mulan 1998 Katz)
  • Sally-Anne King known as paint mark-up
  • Kenneth Landrum known as color stylist (as Kenneth C. Mulan 1998 Landrum)
  • Kukhee Lee known as painter
  • Roberta Lee-Borchardt known as paint mark-up
  • Sai Ping Lok known as visual development
  • Beth Ann McCoy known as painter (as Beth Ann McCoy-Gee)
  • Deborah Mooneyham known as painter (as Deborah Mooneyham-Hughes)
  • Barbara Newby known as paint mark-up
  • Sue C. Mulan 1998 Nichols known as visual development (as Sue Nichols)
  • Alex Nino known as visual development
  • Karen Nugent known as painter (as Karen Lynne Nugent)
  • Ken O'Malley known as painter
  • Bruce Phillipson known as painter (as Bruce G. Mulan 1998 Phillipson)
  • Linda Praamsma known as painter (as Rosalinde Praamsma)
  • John Puglisi known as visual development
  • Bonnie Ramsey known as paint mark-up (as Bonnie A. Mulan 1998 Ramsey)
  • Robh Ruppel known as visual development
  • Sylvia I. Mulan 1998 Sanchez known as color stylist
  • Carmen Sanderson known as painter
  • Armand Serrano known as key layout artist
  • Heidi Shellhorn known as painter (as Heidi Woodward Shellhorn)
  • Eyde Shepperd known as painter
  • Grace Shirado known as painter (as Grace H. Mulan 1998 Shirado)
  • Don Shump known as painter
  • Debra Y. Mulan 1998 Siegel known as color stylist
  • Fumiko R. Mulan 1998 Sommer known as painter
  • S. Mulan 1998 Ann Sullivan known as painter
  • Roxanne M. Mulan 1998 Taylor known as painter
  • Myrian Ferron Tello known as paint mark-up
  • Tami Terusa known as painter
  • Britt Van der Nagel known as painter (as Britt van der Nagel)
  • Irma Velez known as assistant paint supervisor
  • Marcelo Vignali known as visual development
  • John Alvin known as poster artist (uncredited)
  • Dan Haskett known as visual development (uncredited)
  • David Molina known as visual development (uncredited)




Watch Mulan (1998) Free Film HD Production Companies:

  • Walt Disney Feature Animation
  • Walt Disney Pictures

Watch Mulan (1998) Film Free Online HD Other Companies:

  • Buena Vista Imaging  titles
  • Buena Vista Sound  sound re-recorded at (as Buena Vista Sound Studios)
  • Jo Anne Kane Music Services  music preparation (as Jo Ann Kane Music Service)
  • Soundelux  post-production sound services
  • Technicolor  prints
  • Vine Street Studios  foley stage (as Soundelux Vine Street Studios)
  • Walt Disney Pictures and Television  for purposes of copyright law in the United Kingdom this picture was created by
  • Walt Disney Records  soundtrack

Additional Details

Mulan (1998) Distributors:

  • Buena Vista Pictures (1998) (USA) (theatrical)
  • American Broadcasting Company (ABC) (2000) (USA) (TV) (broadcast premiere)
  • Buena Vista International (Sweden) (1998) (Sweden) (theatrical)
  • Buena Vista International (1998) (Argentina) (theatrical)
  • Buena Vista International (Brazil) (theatrical)
  • Buena Vista Home Entertainment (Brazil) (DVD)
  • Buena Vista Home Entertainment (Brazil) (VHS)
  • Buena Vista Home Entertainment (1999) (UK) (VHS)
  • Gativideo (1998) (Argentina) (VHS)
  • Gativideo (1999) (Argentina) (DVD)



Other Stuff

Watch Mulan (1998) Free Film HD Visual Effects by:
  • Adeboye Adegbenro known as effects breakdown (as Adeboye Saburi Adegbenro)
  • Faris Al-Saffar known as effects breakdown
  • Marty Altman known as software development
  • Jay Baker known as effects breakdown
  • Kathy Kershaw Barshatzky known as look development
  • Guner Behich known as 3D visual effects animator
  • Rob Bekuhrs known as computer animation supervisor
  • Bob Bennett known as visual effects animator
  • Robert Blalock known as effects breakdown
  • Allen Blyth known as visual effects animator
  • Kirk Bodyfelt known as digital production manager: California
  • Verrell 'Skip' Bowers known as effects inbetweener
  • Paul Briggs known as effects assistant
  • Kristine Brown known as effects assistant
  • Jason Buske known as compositor (as Jason Leonard Robert Buske)
  • John Cashman known as effects inbetweener
  • Earl Coffman known as compositor (as Earl Scott Coffman)
  • Jason Michael Crossley known as assistant computer animator
  • Pam Darley known as assistant artistic coordinator: additional visual effects (as Pam Manes Darley)
  • Joel Davis known as software development
  • James DeValera Mansfield known as visual effects animator
  • Mark Dornfeld known as title opticals supervisor
  • John Fargnoli known as effects animating assistant
  • Colbert Fennelly known as visual effects animator
  • Chadd Ferron known as computer animator
  • Kristin K. Mulan 1998 Fong-Lukavsky known as additional visual effects inbetweener (as Kristin K. Mulan 1998 Fong)
  • Jazno Francoeur known as visual effects animator
  • Timothy Gales known as compositor (as Tim Acton-Gales)
  • Gary L. Mulan 1998 Gallegos known as effects inbetweener (as Gary Louis Gallegos)
  • Matthew Garbera known as assistant production manager: visual effects
  • Christine E. Mulan 1998 George known as technology crew: Florida
  • Mabel Gesner known as effects key assistant
  • Tad A. Mulan 1998 Gielow known as software development (as Tad Gielow)
  • Joseph Gilland known as visual effects animator (as Joseph F. Mulan 1998 Gilland)
  • Kim Gray known as assistant visual effects production manager: California
  • Sandra Groeneveld known as computer animator (as Sandra Maria Groeneveld)
  • Eric Guaglione known as computer animation supervisor
  • Troy A. Mulan 1998 Gustafson known as visual effects animator
  • William J. Mulan 1998 Haas known as effects inbetweener
  • Darlene E. Mulan 1998 Hadrika known as 3D visual effects animator
  • Patricia A. Mulan 1998 Hannaway known as assistant computer animator
  • Pam Henn known as color stylist (as Pamela L.V. Mulan 1998 Henn)
  • Kristine Humber known as effects key assistant
  • Joe Jiuliano known as senior scene planning/camera manager: additional visual effects
  • Michael Cadwallader Jones known as visual effects animator
  • Paul R. Mulan 1998 Kashuk Jr. Mulan 1998 known as effects key assistant
  • Tatiana Kellert known as effects inbetweener (as Tatiana Erika Kellert IV)
  • Fran Kirsten known as caps manager: additional visual effects
  • Kenneth Landrum known as color stylist (as Kenneth C. Mulan 1998 Landrum)
  • Dorse A. Mulan 1998 Lanpher known as visual effects animator
  • Christine Laubach known as digital painter
  • Sean Locke known as model development
  • Jon William Lopez known as effects key assistant
  • Dan Lund known as visual effects animator
  • Mauro Maressa known as additional visual effects animator
  • Gretchen Maschmeyer Albrecht known as senior production manager: additional visual effects
  • Stephen McDermott known as visual effects animator
  • Derrick L. Mulan 1998 McKenzie known as effects assistant
  • Michael McNeill known as look development
  • Thomas C. Mulan 1998 Meyer known as model development
  • David 'Joey' Mildenberger known as visual effects supervisor: Los Angeles
  • Michael Todd Montgomery known as effects breakdown (as Michael Montgomery)
  • Kevin O'Neill known as visual effects animator
  • Michael Oliva known as effects key assistant (as Michael L. Mulan 1998 Oliva)
  • Nate Pacheco known as key assistant: additional visual effects
  • Christopher R. Mulan 1998 Page known as effects breakdown (as Christopher Page)
  • Randy Parker known as digital production manager: additional visual effects
  • Ron Pence known as effects inbetweener
  • Joseph C. Mulan 1998 Pepe known as effects key assistant (as Joseph Christopher Pepe)
  • Mary Ann Pigora known as model development supervisor
  • Tony Plett known as look development supervisor
  • Dolores Pope known as compositor
  • Tony Poriazis known as assistant supervisor: digital film printing and opticals
  • Hanns-Oskar Porr known as software development supervisor
  • Chalermpon 'Yo' Poungpeth known as look development
  • Heather Pritchett known as look development
  • Sean Simon Ramirez known as effects inbetweener (as Sean Ramirez)
  • Paitoon Ratanasirintrawoot known as effects key assistant
  • Mark Delaine Rath known as effects inbetweener
  • James 'J.R.' Russell known as assistant compositing supervisor (as Jim 'JR' Russell)
  • Michelle Sammartino known as compositor
  • Kathy Schoeppner known as digital painter
  • Gary Schumer known as effects assistant
  • Heather M. Mulan 1998 Shepherd known as effects inbetweener
  • Jay Shindell known as additional visual effects inbetweener
  • Rochelle Doriot Smith known as effects breakdown (as Rochelle Smith)
  • Dennis Spicer known as effects assistant
  • Lora M. Mulan 1998 Spran known as effects assistant
  • Steve Starr known as effects key assistant
  • David J. Mulan 1998 Steinberg known as director of production: additional visual effects
  • Kip Lanai Stone known as visual effects: data entry
  • Gary Stubblefield known as visual effects: data entry
  • Amanda Jane Talbot known as key assistant: additional visual effects (as Amanda J. Mulan 1998 Talbot)
  • Stella P. Mulan 1998 Arbelaéz Tascón known as effects breakdown (as Stella P. Mulan 1998 Arbelaez Tascón)
  • John David Thornton known as visual effects animator
  • Dave Tidgwell known as visual effects supervisor (as David Tidgwell)
  • Michael Toth known as key assistant: additional visual effects (as Michael A. Mulan 1998 Toth)
  • Jeffrey C. Mulan 1998 Tse known as effects inbetweener
  • John Tucker known as effects key assistant
  • Phillip Vigil known as additional visual effects animator (as Phillip D. Mulan 1998 Vigil)
  • Maggie Walsh known as administrative manager: additional visual effects
  • Melinda Wang known as effects breakdown
  • Marlon West known as additional visual effects animator
  • Tony West known as visual effects animator
  • Don Winston known as director of production: additional visual effects
  • Jason W. Mulan 1998 Wolbert known as assistant computer animator
  • Graham Woods known as key assistant: additional visual effects
  • Garrett Wren known as visual effects animator
  • Nicole Alene Zamora known as effects breakdown
  • Bernard O. Mulan 1998 Ceguerra known as technology crew: California (uncredited)
  • Michael Curtis known as digital trailer effects (uncredited)
  • Alan Davidson known as look development (uncredited)
  • Bill Fadness known as digital camera (uncredited)
  • Brad Smith known as render I/O administrator (uncredited)
  • Raleigh L. Mulan 1998 Swick II known as digital 3D modeler: Walt Disney Feature Animation (uncredited)

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